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From the bush...

How does a good bean become the best coffee? There are many steps involved. It all starts with the coffee cherry on the coffee bush. From the sun-dried pulp, the kernel is removed, which is actually two coffee beans. The mucilaginous layer underneath remains attached to the bean and begins to ferment when exposed to moisture. This process determines the taste and quality of the coffee. Once the fermentation process is complete, the beans are cleaned, dried and then shelled.

This process removes the dried parchment and as much of the silver skin as possible. At Joerges, we know exactly where to get the best quality because we have been trading and refining coffee for over 20 years. We have been to many of the coffee-growing regions personally, or have the confidence of competent and reliable local partners. Just like with good wine, the location and the surroundings are very important for the flavour of the grape.

Right into the cup...

Especially when it comes to Arabica, which grows in its natural environment at higher altitudes, it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to ensure a gentle harvest and to transport the precious green beans to our roastery without damaging them. Upon arrival, the beans are roasted using the traditional drum roasting method at a maximum temperature of 220°C for 12 to 20 minutes. The precious aromas are released during this slow and gentle process.

To ensure the optimum roasting time for each type of bean, they are split roasted. Here, beans from different sources are roasted separately. The roasting process is tailored to each bean variety, bringing out the specific flavours of each bean. It is only later that the roasts are blended so that they complement each other perfectly in the different blends. 

Gorilla's range of blends and single-origin roasts thus creates a variety to suit all tastes.

Tasse mit Gorilla Kaffee

Our quality standards

It all starts with the bean
Let's get down to the nitty-gritty: the drum roasting process
It's the taste that counts, whether in the short or long term!

What matters in roasting

Is a coffee bean just a coffee bean? Not at all: The optimal roasting process is different for each variety. Roast time and roast temperature enhance the bean and determine the coffee's taste profile. A lighter roast produces a milder flavour, while a darker roast produces a more intense flavour. In order to achieve the best quality in this area, we work with the traditional drum roasting process.

A rotating drum heats the beans slowly and evenly. The aromas, flavour nuances and appearance of the beans develop wonderfully during this gentle, long roasting process. Coffee can be individually refined by drum roasting.

So roasting is the key to coffee flavour. To bring out the typical aroma of each variety, we refine the roasting process in our blending facilities. Only then are the individual blends created. It is worth taking this extra step. It is a decisive factor in ensuring the high quality of our roasted coffees.

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