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Private Branding

Do you share a passion for good coffee and want to offer your customers only the best quality? If so, we are the partners you need for the professional realisation of your own coffee line! Your wishes and ideas are individually combined to an individual flavour profile. We can turn your ideas into reality, whether as whole beans, ground coffee or as an ingredient in one of your products. Using our many years of experience, a global network, reliable contacts in the growing regions and fully automated control of the roasting process, we can guarantee that you will always receive the same quality. You can choose from a wide range of varieties and roasting grades, whatever the size of your private label. We offer a wide range of packaging and design options for your coffee, from single origin to exclusive blends, from 250g bags to 1kg units. To find out more about our private label offering, please contact us.

Prozess Private Branding

Step - Bringing your brand to life.

We put your coffee in the spotlight with the right packaging, whether whole bean, ground, blend or single origin roast. You can choose from a wide range of options and create a design that is entirely your own.

Step - Packaging and shipping.

We can fulfil large and medium-sized orders quickly and professionally thanks to our production capacity. Whatever the size of your order, we take as long as it takes to turn your coffee idea into reality. Once the beans have been roasted and packed, we can deliver your product anywhere in the world.

Now to your personal coffee product

Are you interested in being part of our coffee product development team? With our combined coffee expertise, we look forward to supporting you. Just drop us a line!

Step 1 - Finding the perfect coffees.

Have special coffee requirements or an idea for a special coffee product? Working with you, we will develop the right solution, advising you on everything from bean selection and roasting to packaging.

Quality is the name of our game. Special cleaning and inspection procedures and an automated roasting process ensure this.

Illustration Step 1 - Die perfekten Sorten finden
Illustration Step 2 - Branding
Illustration Step 3 - Logistik

In just 3 steps to a custom coffee brand

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