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Gorilla Kaffeehaus

Selected from the most exquisite Arabica and Robusta beans from the enchanting regions of Africa, Asia and South America, Kaffeehaus is a unique blend. The tantalising aroma of nuts, the smoothness of flowers, the sweetness of berries and a mild, balanced roast are combined in this special creation. Enjoy a cup of coffee that will make any coffee lover's heart beat faster!

Sieve carrier

Fully automatic machine

Filter Coffee

Suitable for many occasions, Kaffeehaus offers a medium intensity that appeals to the senses. Kaffeehaus unfolds its full aroma and unique notes in almost any preparation method, whether you make your cup of coffee in a portafilter machine, a fully-automatic coffee maker or as an aromatic filter coffee. Indulge in this popular blend for yourself and your guests.

More than just coffee, this blend is a coffee house culture for the home.

Inside every cup is a story of dedication, artistry and passion - and the importance of a conscious moment of enjoyment. Our Kaffeehaus blend has a medium intensity and low acidity profile, no matter how you prefer to drink your coffee.


medium roast

low acidity

The real Kaffeehaus taste

Flavor profile

Nutty, Mild, Floral, Berry

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