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Gorilla Foresta Bio

Our Foresta Bio is a unique blend of exquisite Arabica beans from the unspoilt regions of South and Central America. A magical forest of aromas awaits you with this blend. What does it taste like? A harmonious combination of floral notes, a hint of nuttiness and even a hint of honey!

Sieve carrier

Fully automatic machine

Thanks to its medium degree of roasting, this blend offers you a perfect balance between flavour and character. This espresso's strong intensity unfolds gently on the palate, while its subtle acidity provides a pleasant smoothness. No matter how you like to prepare your cup of coffee - in a fully automatic coffee machine or in a portafilter - Foresta will guarantee you a pleasant taste experience in every way.

For people and nature, ecologically and socially.

Besides being the embodiment of our expertise in high-quality organic coffee, our "Foresta Bio" variety is also dedicated to one of our most important commitments: At Joerges Coffee Roasters, we are proud to support the Mondberge project. A project dedicated to the protection of the endangered mountain gorillas and the rainforest in the Rwenzori Mountains. By donating money and working closely with Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe e. V., we contribute to the protection of the mountain gorillas, promote education, provide medical aid and offer farmers a sustainable source of income through tree planting. To show our commitment to this initiative, the Foresta bears the Moon Mountains logo on the front.


medium roast

low acidity

The strong one with a social impact

Flavor profile

Floral, Nutty, Honey

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