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Gorilla Crema No. 1

Carefully selected from the sun-drenched regions of Central and South America, Crema No. 1 is the result of the finest Arabica beans. In this diverse blend, the most exquisite flavours are combined to create a true masterpiece.

Sieve carrier

Fully automatic machine

Medium roasting lends a balanced intensity to Crema No. 1, while a delicate acidity completes this creation. Crema No. 1 is an experience for the senses in every cup, whether prepared with a portafilter or a fully-automatic coffee machine.

More than just coffee, Crema No. 1 is a fusion of exquisite highland beans.

Each cup of this unique coffee is like travelling to the countries of origin in Central and South America, telling a story of dedication and the highest roasting art: "Drink Crema No. 1 and experience the essence of the most exquisite flavours of coffee."


medium roast

low acidity

A blend of pure Arabica beans

Flavor profile

Floral, Berry, Honey

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