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Gorilla Bar Crema

The Gorilla Bar Crema is a pure Robusta blend. Nutty and spicy flavours accentuate the full body. The espresso has a high level of intensity thanks to a gentle dark roast of single-origin beans. Bar Crema is characterised by a particularly stable and unique crema. This is what makes this coffee so smooth. Bar Crema can be made on all standard coffee machines, from portafilter to fully automatic.

Sieve carrier

Fully automatic machine

Espresso maker

A masterful blend of the finest coffee beans from the remotest regions of Asia and Africa, Bar Crema is the result. This unique blend creates a very special coffee experience by combining the unmistakable characteristics of these continents.

Our Bar Crema is the strongest of our Gorilla blends.

Whether enjoyed as an espresso or with milk in the form of a cappuccino or latte macchiato, Gorilla Bar Crema tastes fantastic. The blend is suitable for use in both fully-automatic and portafilter machines. As the name suggests, Gorilla Bar Crema has a smooth and full-bodied crema.


dark roast

very low acidity

The pure pleasure of espresso

Flavor profile

Spicy, Chocolatey, Nutty

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